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This project consists of three pages found in every e-commerce store: product page, checkout page, confirmation page. You’ll be responsible for improving the functionality of these pages, fixing critical bugs, and setting up a mail server to successfully send confirmation emails. These tasks are all doable for a junior developer, though they would not all be assigned to a junior team member in a real-world setting (especially the major bugs). So you can expect to gain highly valuable experience from this project!

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Introducing Our Newest Coding Project

What You Will Learn

Here are the skills you'll gain from completing this coding project:

Explain your architecture ideas and solutions during your engineering interview
Read and resolve tickets provided by a product team
Fix bugs that were designed to be similar to real-world scenarios
Implement new features needed by eCommerce businesses
How to write and make your tests pass

What's Included

You'll receive a production grade codebase based on the programming language of your choice

  •   3 fully styled pages with linked transitions
  •   SQL Database with Products & Orders tables
  •   Product requirements for new feature requests
  •   Bug reports written by Product Team as tickets
  •   Codebase with guided solutions for reference

What You Will Develop

Here is a preview of what to expect in the issue list you'll be working through:

Email API integration
F/E & B/E Validation
Adjust checkout page layout
Schema changes
Bug fixes
Ensure all code passes pre-written tests

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