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Why Kodemis?

The issues you need to complete will be real and difficult: some tasks wouldn’t be given to the new team member.
Production Quality
The codebase you’ll be working on is production-quality code, which will elevate your standards.
This is not an academic exercise. You will gain the experience of a developer working for an e-commerce brand.

“I was able to gain some real-word experience with Kodemis and land my first job.”
- Jonathan M, Jr. Software Developer

Introducing Our Ecommerce Checkout App

What You Will Learn

Here are the skills you'll gain from completing this coding project:

Explain your architecture ideas and solutions during your engineering interview
Read and resolve tickets provided by a product team
Fix bugs that were designed to be similar to real-world scenarios
Implement new features needed by eCommerce businesses
How to write and make your tests pass
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What's Included

You'll receive a production grade codebase based on the programming language of your choice

  •   3 fully styled pages with linked transitions
  •   SQL Database with Products & Orders tables
  •   Product requirements for new feature requests
  •   Bug reports written by Product Team as tickets
  •   Codebase with guided solutions for reference
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What You Will Develop

Here is a preview of what to expect in the issue list you'll be working through:

Email API integration
F/E & B/E Validation
Adjust checkout page layout
Schema changes
Bug fixes
Ensure all code passes pre-written tests
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Is This For Me?

"I’ve done a few personal projects, but I don’t know if they’re any good."

"The idea of starting another personal project is overwhelming."

"I just want something I can work on and contribute to right now."

"I know I want to be a developer, but I still don’t know if I am ready."

"I’d love to experience the day-to-day work of a software developer."

If any of these sentiments ring true, then this project is 100% for you.

How It Works

Download Package

A .zip file will be sent to you containing everything you need. Start by uploading the package to your GitHub profile.

Set Up Local Environment

Detailed instructions are provided how to set up your local environment, just like the first day at a new job.

Read Product Specs and Tickets

The product requirements and tickets included will act as your to-do list. This is exactly what you'd receive working in an agile development environment.

Develop Features and Fix Bugs

It's time to get to work. If you have questions, there is a section with hints and tips, emulating the advice you can expect to receive from senior developers on the job.

Publish Your Solutions

Deploy the finished code wherever you'd like so you can link to it from your resume and online profiles. Feel free to iterate further and do whatever you'd like with the codebase.

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Our Story

We are a team of working professionals in engineering and product management roles from startups to publicly traded companies over the last ten years. We see the need firsthand for there to be more software developers. It is our hope that we can help people gain the experience necessary to land a job as a software developer. As we grow and launch more product offerings, perhaps we’ll create a new way to develop engineering skills at all levels and help people in all stages of their careers.

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